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This webinar is from Xcentric Mold, a Quickparts company.

Webinar Replay: Maintaining Quality & Value While Moving Fast in Product Development

Register to hear Xcentric CEO Michael Rynerson discuss how systems and discipline make attaining speed, quality and value simultaneously possible for your product development process.

Speed_Quality_Value_team members_heroThe main points covered during this webinar will be:

  • Moving fast and delivering above customer expectations are not mutually exclusive
  • Delivering quality on short deadlines is accomplished by supporting experts with good systems, tight internal and inter-company collaboration, and good equipment 
  • Reducing the cost of exploring design and material options is possible
  • Validating designs or correcting issues early in the process and reducing product launch risk is extremely valuable - and achievable

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About Our Featured Speaker

Mike has over twenty years’ experience in various senior executive roles commercializing advanced technologies including 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and specialized CAD software.  Additionally, he has led the world’s most extensive network of automated manufacturing facilities supplying the dental industry with custom prosthetics and orthodontic solutions.

Mike holds a Masters in Engineering from M.I.T., an MBA from Babson College, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University.  His honors include a Fulbright Scholarship to the Technical University of Berlin, and a Hamilton Scholarship to the Olin School of Business at Babson College.


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