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VideoInjection Molding Material Selection Guide

The Injection Molding Material Selection Guide webinar will focuses on providing attendees with general guidelines for what materials to select for their project. We look at base material strengths and weaknesses, cost cutting strategies with material selection, and highlight some high performing materials that we recommend. After watching this webinar viewers will take away the following points...

1.) Understanding of Injection molding materials strength and weaknesses.

2.) Understand how to reduce costs when selecting materials.

3.) Have a takeaway of some top performing materials to use for future projects.

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Featured Speakers



John Sidorowicz

John is the Global Vice President of Inside Sales at Quickparts. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, John has served many roles in the industry, including sales leadership, project management, and customer support.



Glen Miller

Glen is a Senior Tooling Engineer and Quality Control Specialist at Quickparts responsible for new tool tryouts. Glen spent time as a CAD Tool Designer and Tooling Engineer with over 25 years of experience in injection molding. 



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